Usually, testosterone associates with men hormones, but in fact, women have it too. But in both organisms the amount of this hormone is different. Our body produces a lot of testosterone during puberty and after this phase, it gets more stable.

As many people know testosterone is a key hormone for our sex drive and the quality and quantity of men’s sperm. But what is also very important is that it influence the bone structure, blood circulation and even the mood.

The vitality of testosterone level

If men have their testosterone level in check, they will not experience any problems in their daily life. But you can deal with certain difficulties if your T level is lower than it is supposed to be. These are the main symptoms:

  1. You notice that your sex drive is not as strong as it used to be;
  2. You feel tired and less energetic;
  3. You gain weight for no reason;
  4. Your mood constantly changes;
  5. The bones become thinner and the hair may fall out.

In some cases, it is natural for testosterone to go lower. For example, when men get older. But there’re other reasons that are not natural, such as testicles injury chemotherapy. Also, there are some physical and mental illnesses that can change the T level. Most common are kidney disease, AIDS, depression, alcoholism.

How to measure testosterone?

To know if your T level is fine, you can take a simple blood test. It will show you if there is anything to worry about or not.

The right amount of this hormone varies from person to person. So, you should definitely ask your doctor about the results.

If it happened so that you have a low level of testosterone, you will have to go through a workup which will tell you what exactly has caused the fluctuations. In some cases in may signal of problems of pituitary glands or just delayed puberty if you are a teenager.

But a slightly high level of testosterone also can be problematic, especially for women. They can obtain manly features and have more body hair. Also high T level may be a cause of acne as it increases the production of sebum on our body. Although young men do not struggle that much in this case because they will probably deal with puberty symptoms a bit earlier than their peers. However, if the amount of this hormone is abnormal it can lead to adrenal gland disorder or even cause cancer of testicles.

Therapy of testosterone replacement

Sometimes you do not need to get some treatment done if your low testosterone level does not affect your life. But if you do suffer a lot then you can try the therapy of testosterone replacement which will be quite beneficial for your health, body and sex drive. It can be done if the form of injections, oral pills and patches.

However, you should remember that any treatment has its side effects. In this case, these are the decrease of sperm production, oiliness of your skin, testicle shrinking and some scientist claim about the risk of cancer, but it is still very debatable. In any case you should discuss everything with your doctor what treatment will be better for you.

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